Founded by Guy Desrosiers in 1990, Construction GDM specializes in the construction and installation of industrial equipment. With more than 30 years of hands-on experience, Mr. Desrosiers has steered his company on the road to success: mechanical work, installation and erection of scaffolding and other mechanical elements, and installation of miscellaneous structures and piping/plumbing.


In 1997, projects were added, we added new team members, Construction GDM acquired new offices to modernize the company. In 2007, Bruno Courchesne, boilermaker of experience and employee of GDM becomes a minority shareholder in the company. Mr. Courchesne completes acquisition of the company in November 2012. Some 35 permanent employees and 75 workers on call work for the company since these major changes.


Safety has always played a key role in Construction GDM projects, and the company has received several awards for outstanding safety performance in the construction industry, including QIT-Fer and Titane.


Above all, Construction GDM delivers personalized service to all its customers, reinforcing its commitment to availability, outstanding quality, and safety excellence.