On three separate occasions, Construction GDM has been awarded first prize for safety for its work on major Rio Tinto projects. Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed health and safety criteria on the worksite; our managers and employees are trained to deal with the inherent risks associated with every project they carry out.


Construction GDM takes the health and safety of its workers to heart and strives to create a safe work environment. We also focus on safety outside the worksite by educating employees on how to remain proactive in their daily lives.


All our employees have taken the advanced training necessary to perform critical lifting work. A document entitled "Critical Lifting Plan” is filled out before any work begins and employees are made aware of the challenges involved. They must also respect all recommendations outlined in the document—an engineering seal of approval is required for more complex lifting.


Our lifting equipment is checked in the workshop prior to use on worksites, and is entered in an equipment registry.